SMB Validation

Installation Qualification Protocol

The SMB Validation & Compliance Services Group can develop Installation Qualification Protocols for each critical utility or piece of equipment. The protocol provides for a systematic method of checking the static attributes of the equipment before the equipment is used. The IQ will start with a description of the system. This description will describe what the system is intended to do, and all major components of the system. The system will be reviewed post-installation to verify that the system is as specified in the user requirement, detail design specifications, engineering drawings, data sheets, and manuals. As part of the IQ all such documentation will be identified and referenced.

“Equipment manufacturers can also use and execute our protocols as a Dry Run prior to shipping the equipment. This will accomplish two important goals. First, if something is wrong, the equipment manufacturer will discover it while the equipment is still under its full control at its site where all the resources and personnel are readily available to deal with the situation. Second, this will normally result in a shorter implementation time at the customer’s facility thus enabling them to put the equipment into production without undue delays.”