SMB Validation

Why produce a URS?

User Requirements Specifications are required to protect both the end user and the manufacturer. All Requirements of the end user will be supplied in the URS prior to the manufacturing of the utility or piece of equipment. This enables the manufacturer to produce the product to the end user’s expectations. The manufacturer has the opportunity to review the URS and incorporate the requirements in their system or offer alternatives to meet the requirement. Some requirements may not be possible to supply and therefore will be addressed prior to the manufacturing stage eliminating possible problems before they occur. The User Requirements Specification document may evolve with the project and is provided with a Revision History section in order to document any changes that occur throughout the project stages. The final version of the URS will be a controlled document that can be referenced should any questions arise regarding the final product. The manufacturer must ensure that all aspects of the URS have been understood and that all requirements can be fulfilled, or alternatives offered, in order to meet the end user’s expectations.